Had a fire and preparing for an exhibit.

Posted: February 11, 2011 in art, drawing, experimenting, gallery, life
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On Sunday we had a fire in our basement. Don’t worry, everyone in the house (including the animals) are perfectly fine and the damage was minimal. Remember everyone, smoke detectors are your friend! Without it we wouldn’t have known about the fire until too late.

We’re back in the house now but I had to move all my art stuff upstairs. The basement smells like smoke and I just can’t work down there (my studio was right near where the fire was). I only lost the drawing I had been working on and some of my papers due to smoke and ash. But still, working down there will be too difficult for now.

On brighter news…I’m working on a new drawing that is of a little girl standing on a stone in a pond. It’ll be the first time I’ve done water and reflections. Should be interesting. I love experimenting and doing new things.

There are other drawings I need to do. 2 will be for an art exhibit at the gallery in May. They’re of a Norse woman. That’s going to be a bit of an experiment too since it’ll be my first time drawing fur (the woman is wearing some, as was customary at that time). The exhibit has a theme of Ancient Civilizations which is great. I love drawing people from the past.

  1. Thank goodness all is well and good luck with the exhibit!

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